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2014 and 2015 American Graphic Design Award Winner


Opened in June 2013, Jef Maddock Design is an expert, at-home graphic design studio that specializes in company branding and builds brand identities for both print and digital. Our main objective is to educate small to medium size companies about the benefits of strong, company branding. Making everything uniformed, a company will be easily recognized and understood in all marketing and advertising materials.


If your company already has a strong brand, we design your brand identity ranging from business cards, stationery and other office needs, ads, flyers, brochures, catalogs and other marketing materials, websites, posters, signs and other large format needs, t-shirts and other appeal plus packaging. If it prints, we have designed it.


Jef Maddock has a Bachelor of Fine Arts with graphic design concentration from California State University Fullerton, over 20 years in the printing industry and over 9 years as a graphic designer or art director. His experience ranges from print shops, top 10 prepress business, marketing and advertising agencies and graphic design studios. This knowledge guides projects and reduces difficulties with incredible results.


One person can’t know or do everything. My wife Sylvia helps greatly as well as other experienced colleagues that I rely on their input and sometimes work side-by-side. With winning design awards every year (2016 pending) and business increasing, this business structure is working. Please read our client reviews for more information or contact us if any questions.


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to help build your brand and elevate your business.


Tustin Chamber of Commerce member

Tustin Chamber of Commerce

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Tustin Chamber of Commerce member since 2013 gives me an opportunity to get involved with the Tustin community. I've lived in Tustin for over 15 years and work to support its local businesses and families.


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