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Why have a logo ?

I’m a small company. I don’t think I need a logo."


A company can succeed without a logo but the odds are against it. With all the competition nowadays, businesses need every advantage to capture new clients.


Your logo is the most important part of your brand. It’s usually a potential client’s first impression of your company. You want to make sure you’re seen as you want to be seen and understood at what type of business you are.


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Can your current logo be hurting your business ?

Yes, unfortunately I’ve seen some poorly designed logos that are confusing, hard to read and give the wrong impression of a business. Creating the best logo for any company takes time and is a process.


What makes a logo, a great logo ?

Usually the best logos are simple and as unique as possible while using both negative and positive space. It must work as a one-color or multiple-color design at all sizes. The logo will give ideas of what the company does and how they do it. Modern or old-fashioned, silly, fun but professional, very serious and more. But mostly the logo must reveal how the company wants to be seen.


When asked the most common word that companies want to be seen as is “professional.” The best way to be seen as an expert is to use a knowledgeable, experienced logo designer.


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Jef is extremely professional with his design and customer service. Last year, I contacted him to design a company logo and card and, as all business owners can relate, the amount of importance I placed on this was monumental. Jef not only came to the plate swinging but he hit the ball out of the park. Our company logo and brand is exceptional and I could not be happier with the service and creativity Jef provided. In fact, he won the 2015 American Graphic Design Award for our company’s logo.


Having said that I guess the best endorsement I can give is that we plan on hiring Jef again on some additional projects we have planned. He works very diligently to get the job done right. Thanks again.


Anthony M. – Skyland Pictures, LLC


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What is branding ?


Your brand is what people believe you represent. Branding is a process developing these beliefs and aligning them with what you want your brand to be. Everything in a company builds your brand.


What do brands do ?


Brands connect to customers emotionally. Strong brands create lifelong relationships and loyal customers that promote your company. People are also more likely to spend more when they believe in your company.


When to rebrand ?


Every company will need to rebrand or adjust their current brand at some time. The most common reasons are introducing a new product or service, merging with another company or changing to better fit with current trends.


Whether you’re starting a new business or need to rebrand an existing one, a strong brand is the first step in building consumer trust and loyalty. In today’s ultracompetitive business world, companies are constantly looking for new ways to maximize first impressions and create lifelong bonds with their customers.



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Jef is a pleasure to work with and very professional. As a new business owner, I needed guidance on my branding and he was very patient and gave me lots of great ideas. I’d recommend Jef any day.


Geraldine L. – GL Larson Insurance & Financial Solutions

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