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  • A strong brand builds trust and loyalty. With all the competition today, companies are always looking for ways to create lifelong bonds with their customers.

graphic design

  • Capture companies attentions with eye-catching designs that turn prospects into clients.


  • Your website is your companies number one marketing tool. Get your information available to prospects worldwide.

logos / branding

Whether you’re starting a new business or need to rebrand an existing one, a strong brand is the first step in building consumer trust and loyalty. In today’s ultra-competitive business world, companies are constantly looking for new ways to maximize first impressions and create lifelong bonds with customers.

USM logo design
award winning Skyland Pictures brand
California Home color logo

"A trademark is a symbol of a corporation. It is not a sign of quality…It is a sign of the quality."

Paul Rand


The most important part of your brand, your logo should capture the true essence of your company. At Jef Maddock Design, we grasp the science behind the design. We understand how different colors and fonts produce varying consumer emotions—giving us the advantage in creating an effective logo for your company that resonates.

We can provide a new logo design, or a redesign of your current logo. Each logo is saved as standard vector artwork, as well as high-resolution files for print, and smaller sizes for digital files and social media marketing (jpg and png format).

brand identity

The elements of your brand must follow rules for optimal success. We’ll help you develop guidelines on how your logo should be used—including the do’s and don’ts, color scheme, typography and more. This will help ensure consistency across all your marketing materials.

graphic design

Full-service design studio always aiming for ‘wow’.

Holly Leo flyer design
Tustin Chamber of Commerce pancake event
Kolor Splash postcard design

Jef Maddock Design will help you stand out from the competition and effectively tell your story. Every company needs the appropriate leave-behind or marketing material, whether it’s a flyer, catalog or any branded design. A well-designed piece elevates your company and is more likely to be kept and used—turning prospects into clients.

Brochures, advertising, business cards, flyers, t-shirts, postcards, labels, invitations, envelopes, posters, packaging, signs, stationery, boxes, pocket folders, tri-folds, catalogs, forms, vehicle graphics, notepads, websites, banners, promotional, bags, logos, mailers, letterhead and much more.

Let us turn your vision into eye-catching reality.
All designs are original—no templates used.

prepress / production

Jef Maddock has over 25 years’ experience in the printing industry and prepares each print designs to the printer’s requirements for optimum results. Various local, professional printers and vendors, specializing in each design elements, used to produce final projects.


A website is a company’s #1 marketing tool.

The Shade Shop temp website
Scancelli Landscapes webpage
Cerrico website redesign

And we’re experts in their creation. From concept to launch, Jef Maddock Design will design an original, clutter-free website built to your brand standards—a clean design that enables users to easily navigate their way to useful, relevant content. Your new eye-catching website will be built to connect with your specific target audience, and may include original copy from a professional writer if desired.

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