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Why Hire a Professional Graphic Designer?

Graphic design is like golf. If you watch golf or any professional sport long enough, you’ll have the thought – ‘I can do that.’ I’ve thought that and have been proven wrong. The professionals make it look so easy. What we don’t see is all the long hours of practicing, studying and training over at least several years, usually more. I’ve had some clients try to design their own projects. I understand that they’re trying to save their company some money, and I even give them some suggestions to help. These clients have come back defeated. I feel bad for them, but it’s like golf.


Professional graphic designers have gone to school, studied for years and practiced for several more years. They’ve learned what layout, fonts and colors to use or not use depending on the client’s needs and branding. Not to mention advertising and marketing methods, images and styles to use while solving the client’s problem. A great example is ‘what color to avoid when designing for any meat company.’ Green is the color. Meat turns green after it spoils. A person could purchase another meat product because of this and not know why.


A neighbor’s child, someone who took an hour webinar on graphic design or even an art or graphic design student can’t give a company the professional level required that would reflect that same company’s professionalism. Yes, the final product could turn out okay. But is your company aiming for ‘okay’ and all the client level that comes with ‘okay’? ‘But it’s cheaper,’ you say. I understand. Everybody is trying to save money. However, the low cost now seems a good deal, but you only get one first shot at a new client. It’s like playing golf. Tee the ball up right and let a professional swing the club.


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